Cricket Betting Tips: 3 Tips To Keep In Mind For Your Next Cricket Bet

Cricket betting provides a way for people to earn money by wagering money on the sport. Online bookies or bookmakers provide a vast market for people to place their bets on, such as match betting, over/under betting, player of the match, top batsman/bowler of the match, winner of the series, team or player with the highest numbers of sixes, coin toss winner, player to score over fifty, odd or even runs, etc.

The legalization of sports betting in the majority of countries has led to the ending of the anti-gambling stigma. Today millions of people try their luck with sports betting every day, establishing the industry among the most profitable businesses in the world. The internet is full of cricket betting games, websites, and apps. The list below mentions three tips to keep in mind while making your next cricket bet. Let’s get started.

  • The new ball effect in different cricket formats

The sport is impossible without the infamous cricket ball, and it is bound to deteriorate throughout a match. Due to its continuous rugged usage, the ball tends to lose its shape over time, affecting the trajectory of its delivery, and after a period, it becomes unfit for any further usage. In such a scenario, the bowling team can ask for a new ball but, the decision for the replacement of the existing ball with a new one lies in the hands of the umpire in the majority of the cases.

The number of balls that can be used in a cricket match depends on its format. In long-format matches, such as test cricket, the bowling side is given the opportunity to replace the existing ball after the completion of 80 overs. This decision completely relies on the captain of the fielding team. In One-Day cricket, two balls are used in two innings, with each one being used for one-half of both innings. On the other hand, in the T20 tournament or the shortest cricket format, there are usually no chances of replacement because of the limited number of overs unless the ball goes missing. 

Regardless of the format, the introduction of a new ball can have a drastic impact on a game. For instance, if the weather is clear, the new ball may help the bowling team to score quick runs, as it is comparatively harder and moves through the ground pretty quickly. The new ball also swings more and cuts through the air more than the old one, so it can also be beneficial to the bowlers, especially the pacers. It can favor either the bowling side or the batting side depending on the situation. It is, therefore, important to take the new ball into account in live cricket betting.

  • The Ladder System Of Betting

If you do not have a solid bank balance but you want to earn good profits, this next tip is for you. Also known as tank attack betting, the ladder strategy allows bettors to climb up the profit ladder one step at a time, despite the small starting budget. The rule is simple, for every single bet that you win, you climb up a step and then place the next bet, including the amount of the previous bets, together with the winning profit. The key here is to divide your budget into smaller sections or tanks and bet on multiple outcomes of the same game for several rounds. This helps you diversify your bets and increase your chances of earning profits.

For example, let’s say Rahul has an initial betting budget of Rs 300, and he divides this amount into three parts or tanks of Rs 100. He then places each of his tanks for different bets and continued the ladder strategy for three rounds.

For the first round of betting, he wins a profit of Rs 50 on each on two of his tanks and loses his third tank of Rs 100 completely. Since he has won two of the three bets in the first round, he places two bets of Rs 150 each for his second round. He wins a profit of Rs 80 on both bets and completes all three rounds with a total winning of Rs 460 and a net profit of Rs 160.

From the above example, it is clear that the strategy does help in generating good profits by diversifying your betting budget for multiple bets. The ladder system allows punters to earn profits with minimal risks involved. However, the strategy does have its disadvantages. One wrong step can drain your entire budget in a single round, so understand the odds and coefficients before making a structured plan.

  • Avoid Betting On Draws In Test Cricket

Test cricket is the oldest and the longest format of the sport. It is mostly a game of patience, resilience, and consistency, as it can last for up to 5 days. Players have to face a lot of challenges throughout the day, such as change in the pitch, weather conditions, etc. While the probability of a test match ending in a draw is much higher than the shorter cricket formats, such as the T20 tournament, there are other factors to consider before coming to any conclusion for betting on test cricket. For instance, a batsman should have the patience to wait for the perfect ball to score a boundary shot. If he does not possess that patience, it will lead to a very easy wicket for the opposing team. A patient batsman plays with the mindset to wear out the bowler first to squeeze out the maximum number of scoreable deliveries from the bowler.

Rather than betting on draws for test cricket, it is better to look for the team with the best stamina and momentum and bet on them. Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast, especially after the three days, as the last two days are crucial in deciding the outcome of a test match.

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