Most Common Types of Badge Holders In The Market 

If you own a business and wish to create more sense of belonging, investing in a badge holder is something you can consider. A badge holder keeps your identification in place and can add that edge to your daily office wear. A color-coded badge holder can profoundly impact employees and build a sense of safety/security. The main goal is to let the employees know they are in safe hands and promote the company’s morale. Working towards the same purpose and with the organization. In recent years, the pandemic left with a lot of negativity, and now that the offices are reopening and things are getting back to normal, you want a better environment for your staff. An identity card kept in the pocket may not help. Still, identity cards with lanyards or badge reels can help in client relations, as the client can quickly identify employees and communicate their needs. 

A company that offers a great badge holder can be a good sign as it shows that they invest in keeping options for their clients. But it is also essential to research before choosing the right fit for your office. A simple step can be understanding the various types of badge holders and how they differ based on functionality. Some of them are listed below, which can help you make an informed choice.

Vertical Armband:

When selecting any badge holder, it is essential to note that the functionality should be based on the type of company or work you do. For example, if you work in the medical sector or the manufacturing unit, the chance of using a badge holder that stays around your neck may not be suitable as it can interfere with work. A vertical armband is a hands-free badge holder, and as the name suggests, it is secure around the arm in the form of a band with a velcro closure. These badge holders are generally used by military personnel and law enforcement units. 


Although this does not come under badge holders in the traditional sense, it can be considered a type as it’s used commonly to show badges, concert tickets, and other essential identification forms. Lanyards can be customized to office colors, and their logo can create more impact for the organization. Corporate offices use lanyards the most as it provides a formal look. But it can be an issue if you have electric scanners, as removing the lanyard every time you go out or come inside can lead to staff members keeping the card in the pocket and increasing the chances of misplacement. 


A badge or identity card reel is a badge holder that provides ease and comfort to removing and placing the card on the scanner during entry and exit. This reduces the chances of misplacement once stuck to your clothes, especially a belt. You can also pair this with a lanyard. Most medical professionals use this reel or badge holder as it does not interfere with their work. 

Final Thoughts:

Choosing badge reels or armbands solely depends on your work type. You must choose a card holder that doesn’t cause trouble during work. You can also look for companies that provide better deals than the market that can help you choose better.

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