Stepping Into the Future with Dolce & Gabbana’s Digital Design Contest

As traditional as the fashion world can be, some brands can’t help but blaze forward while embracing innovative technology and the possibilities of digitalization. Partnering with industry leaders such as UNXD and Decentraland, Dolce & Gabbana is sponsoring a digital fashion design contest for Metaverse Fashion Week 2023. Continue reading to learn all about this fashion-forward contest inspired by iconic Dolce & Gabbana designs.

The Future of Fashion Is Digital

Metaverse Fashion Week took the fashion world by storm in 2022, and this year marks the second installment of this innovative digital event. Digital wearable fashion is the future of the industry, and Dolce & Gabbana as a brand is getting in on the ground floor, looking to carry the flag for high-end luxury brands.

Digital fashion utilizes NFT technology to turn cutting-edge and sought-after designs into one-of-a-kind digital files that cannot be copied or traded easily. This technology is a crucial aspect of digital fashion because it allows people to own a secure copy of a digital asset.

What Is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. This term is proliferating in the cryptocurrency space and has legal backing. Fungible refers to something that can be replaced or replicated with another item that is exactly the same. NFTs such as digital files of songs, images, or fashion designs are protected by blockchain technology and can’t be replicated.

D&G Mentors Fashion’s Next Generation

Not only is the Future Rewind contest a chance for Dolce & Gabbana to step into the future, but it’s also an opportunity for the brand to mentor fashion’s next generation of great designers. The competition is open to anyone who has the ability to create digital designs, regardless of whether or not that person attended fashion school or has any previous experience in the industry. Dolce & Gabbana aims to encourage a wide variety of people to apply and is excited for the opportunity to mentor emerging artists in the digital fashion space.

Dolce & Gabbana Designs Enter the Metaverse

Dolce & Gabbana designs such as Blue Mediterranean and vintage black lace are some of the best-known looks in the fashion world, and now the brand will get to see its iconic designs enter the metaverse. As the main sponsor of the Future Rewind digital fashion contest, Dolce & Gabbana require applicants to take inspiration from any or all of the following existing designs:

•        Leopard

•        Zebra

•        Venice Carretto

•        Blue Mediterranean

•        DG logos

•        Black lace

Fashion designers will then build between five to 20 digital pieces and submit their collections as an online portfolio by March 12, 2023. With so much variety to choose from, the hopeful designers have more than enough to light their creative fires.

The winner of the contest will receive personal feedback from Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana in order to refine the final collection, and the chosen pieces will feature as a showcase in the Dolce & Gabbana section of Metaverse Fashion Week.

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