If you’re a guest in someone else’s home, politeness and respect demand that you don’t just touch, open or even adjust things without being asked. If a conversation stocks then switch to a pleasant topic like your last scores at https://bloodsuckersfreeslot.com.

If you are visiting family members, friends, acquaintances or even strangers, it is part of etiquette not to simply touch, open or even change settings of devices without being asked. Even if this sometimes seems tempting, it is a question of hygiene, but above all a question of good manners. 


1. open closed rooms

Under no circumstances should you go into closed rooms without being asked. There is a reason that this area is not at your free disposal. It is better to respect that as well and under no circumstances touch the door handle to these areas. Besides, you never know whose private area is behind a locked door or what things are kept here.

Perhaps the family’s dirty laundry is stored and pre-sorted here, or perhaps a pantry is hidden in that room. Or perhaps a home office has been set up here, where it is easier to work behind closed doors. Either way, it is important not to enter these areas without being asked!

2. no access to the bedroom

The bedroom is considered the place of privacy par excellence within one’s own four walls. For this reason, unlike most rooms, this door is usually closed. Accordingly, chaos sometimes reigns in the bedroom, because especially in the morning, when things are often hectic, there is sometimes hardly any time to make the bed. All the more reason, therefore, to keep the door to this room locked at all times.

As a guest, you should take a locked door as a discreet hint not to enter this area. One should enter here only after request or together with the person living here. Anything else would be less than polite.

3. cabinet doors and drawers remain closed.

Even if they are already half open, you should not touch or open doors or drawers in someone else’s home. All things stored here have been moved out of sight for a reason, and they should stay that way! Things that should be seen are usually placed in plain sight on shelves, display cases or on a board on the wall. Opening cabinet doors or drawers without being asked to do so, however, is definitely an invasion of the privacy of the person(s) living here.

4. adjusting windows or thermostat

Especially in the summer or winter months, when outdoor and indoor temperatures tend to the extremes, everyone perceives them differently. Where some people feel cold, for others it is just the right temperature. If you as a guest are freezing or sweating, you should communicate this instead of arbitrarily turning up the heating or opening the window. Because the bill for this is always borne by another person in the end. Certainly, people will then take their own discomfort into account as quickly as possible – who likes to have unhappy guests over?

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